E-vites? You can do it!!

Digital Invitations as E-vites?  You bet!!

Did you know that digital invitations could be used as E-vites (email invitations)?  How many times have impromptu party plans been scratched just because invitations couldn’t possibly be mailed out in time?  Well, this doesn’t have to happen to you again!

Celebrations Paperie is going to show you how to send a great e-vite using one of our new designs:

  • You fall in love with our Drinks by the Pool design
  • You’d love to have a party like that – in 6 days!
  • No worries! Simply purchase the design and provide all party information
  • You’ll receive the final JPEG file within 48 hours, depending on how long it takes for me to receive your approval
  • Now this is the important part – Open the email and you’ll see the invitation image. When it opens, DO NOT choose Download OR Open.
  • Click on the small image itself and it will enlarge. Right click the larger image, choose COPY IMAGE and close image
  • Paste into the body of recipient’s email just as you would any regular email and send
  • Recipient will see the full invitation!

TA DA!!!